Temporary Limit Switch Override

L/S Units (Non A/C):
  • Loosen 4 cover srews and remove cover - DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE
  • Notice 2 large contactor relays (upper left side of box) with a square button (black) in center of each
  • Contactor on right is up direction and contactor on left is down direction
  • With main power on use a screwdriver to depress square button on one of the contactors (up or down)
  • Lift will move that direction as long as button is depressed and stop when released
  • Install cover back on unit
  • Note that this procedure will not change your normal limit switch settings

          IMPORTANT: Next time lift is moved make sure it goes the opposite direction of override (up or down) 
                                        far enough to be back within the normal limit switch settings for safe operation

A/C Units (Auto Conrol):

  • Same as above except must be performed with the Auto Control Switch Off  

Manual Up/Down Switch Not Working ?

All Units with or without Limit:

  • Same procedure as above
  • Must have main power feed to unit - DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE
  • A/C units Must turn Auto Control Switch Off
  • Only depress One contactor center button at a time