Who We Are and Why You Should Buy from Us

Mission Statement

     At TEC Remotes it is our intent to provide the best possible products for our customers; products that perform properly and satisfy your expectations.  We are proud to build products with the highest quality components available on the market today.  Since we only manufacture boat lift remote controls, we take great pride in our workmanship that produces a remote control that will operate properly through many years of service.

     TEC  Remotes Manufacturing is located in the Southern Tier region of beautiful western New York.  We are proud to be the manufacturer of a top quality boat lift remote control that is very dependable.  TECRemotes.com is the factory retail outlet store that makes available to you, the consumer, our finely crafted products at a very reasonable price.  We have been producing TEC products for over 20 years now and have thousands of units in service, satisfying our many clients. Our staff at TEC Remotes takes a great deal of pride in producing the TEC Family of products that are designed to meet your boat lift needs and also built with the craftsmanship to last!


"Designed to Lift...Built to Last"